The benefits of secure remote desktop software 

With a hybrid workforce here to stay, companies are investing in flexible and secure remote access software to provide remote desktop connections to support users, systems and servers with ease – keeping productivity levels high.

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Whether you’re maintaining manufacturing robots, point of sale devices, or employees’ PCs, remote control tools can ensure downtime is kept to a minimum and your bottom line is not impacted.


To protect against cyber security threats and ensure data protection, a secure remote desktop management solution will include data encryption options, two-factor authentication, security keys, smartcard authentication and so on – to protect against unauthorized access.

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Remote access solutions often include detailed inventory tools make it easier for technicians to stay informed of the real-time status of updates on devices and drill down more quickly into issues, track the potential cause down to a recent update, and avoid company downtime and lost revenue.


With staff now working both in and outside of the office, technicians will not always be able to visit users in person, but with the right remote control tools you can support from anywhere to anywhere.

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What companies love about remote desktop software

Travel costs are down as we no longer have to journey to and from different locations – all thanks to the remote access.

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The ability to show information direct to the remote desktop on an individual or group basis, backed up by a set of drawing and annotation options to help highlight key points, is a real winner.

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It is vital for us to have remote access to devices so we can provide remote assistance.

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