Secure remote desktop features

The landscape

Over the past few years, organisations worldwide of all sizes have experienced a significant digital shift. From their own workforces moving to hybrid or fully remote working practices, the customers they serve needing remote support and instant engagement, to their new distributed workforce and customer base, the need for a more diverse, flexible, stable and secure IT infrastructure has never been so important – or challenging!

The challenge

The costs to provide instant, secure support to colleagues and customer devices, maintaining productivity or for remote problem-solving are complicated and often can spiral, not to mention the expenses associated with unexpected downtime and its impact on the bottom line. With cybersecurity threats evolving and becoming more sophisticated, solutions are becoming overly complex, unexpectedly expensive, and often don’t meet real-life demands. To say it’s a minefield is an understatement.

The solution

Introducing a new remote access and support solution that’s low-cost, easy to use, scalable, has security at its heart and is backed by over 30 years of development experience.


Cloud-based: connect without boundaries and scale globally

Data protection

Hosting in Azure regional hubs maintains data protection.



Securely access servers, devices and unattended devices from anywhere

Reduce downtime

Reduce downtime by connecting instantly to solve issues and support users


Keep your workforce productive with stable network traffic

Easy setup

Easy to setup and use by staff and customers

Clear pricing

Transparent and fixed pricing


Offers both managed and on-demand support

A young businesswoman wearing headphones while working on a laptop alongside her colleagues in an office

Remote access evidence and pricing

We’ve built our solution to meet today’s and tomorrow’s business requirements. It’s scalable, flexible, works across leading platforms and can be deployed in minutes. Do your own review and evidence by trying it for free and see for yourself how it can support your company.

Need a bespoke trial? No problem! Simply contact our team today and we can arrange something more tailored for you.

From the team that brought you…

“It is vital for us to have remote access to devices so we can provide remote assistance.”

– Pro Logic Computers