Return on investment

With many organizations shifting operational models, traditional support methods need to evolve to maintain efficiency and maximize return on investment (ROI) for technology investments.

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Investing in Remote Support Solutions

The solution lies in secure and robust remote control and support tools. These tools address the challenge of managing and resolving issues for geographically dispersed employees. Additionally, they allow for background maintenance with minimal disruption to user experience. Key considerations when choosing a solution include:

  • Multi-session Support: Can the tool handle concurrent support sessions for multiple users?
  • Unattended Device Management: Does it enable connection and management of unmanned or logged-off devices?
  • Multi-layered Security: Given the heightened cybersecurity threats, the chosen tool must offer robust security features to minimize potential risks.

Proactive Monitoring and User Training

Continuous monitoring of IT system performance helps identify and address issues promptly. Implementing effective monitoring tools and processes allows for maintaining optimal system health. However, employee training plays a crucial role as well. Equipping employees with the knowledge to navigate remote work environments and avoid pitfalls that cause IT issues can significantly reduce support workload.

Real-time Asset Tracking and Alerts

The ideal ITAM tools go beyond just providing an inventory of assets. They should offer real-time data on asset status, including automated notifications that flag potential problems before they escalate into major issues.