According to a recent survey of financial institutions, nearly 70% of banks and 80% of all financial institutions provide workers with at least some remote work flexibility.  

However, the proliferation of flexible work environments has introduced new challenges for IT leaders. As a result, technology officers are looking for new ways to minimize security risks while still maintaining continuous uptime and productivity.  

In our latest article published by Tech Bullion, we interviewed Richard Roark, Chief Technology Officer at Bay Federal Credit Union, to discover the impact of remote working on their financial cooperative. 

Explore the top challenges of remote working for IT leaders and how to help manage them by reading the full article.


  • Security risks: Remote workers use various devices and networks, increasing the attack surface. Data breaches and unauthorized access become more likely.
  • Uptime and productivity: Ensuring reliable technology access and performance for geographically dispersed employees is crucial. Technical issues can hinder productivity.
  • Collaboration and communication: Maintaining effective communication and collaboration among remote teams can be challenging.


  • Implement strong security measures: Enforce multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and regular security training for employees. Monitor network activity and use security software.
  • Invest in cloud-based solutions: Cloud applications are accessible from anywhere and offer automatic updates and backups. This can improve uptime and simplify collaboration.
  • Develop robust remote access protocols: Use virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or secure remote access software to ensure employees have secure access to company resources.
  • Utilize collaboration tools: Implement video conferencing, instant messaging, and project management platforms to facilitate communication and teamwork.
  • Promote a culture of trust and transparency: Encourage open communication and provide clear expectations for remote work. Invest in employee well-being to foster a positive remote work environment.

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